Bundle Deal: Travel, College, and Collections


Bundle Deal: Travel, College, and Collections

Imagine having 3 amazing books at your fingertips to help your food allergic child succeed in life as a teen, going to college, and traveling. 


In these e-books, I share with you my personal experiences to help your son or daughter understand how to successfully navigate the seemingly difficult journey, in managing their life living with food allergies, all on their own. 

Totaling to over 200 pages of real-life stories, tips, checklists, and need-to-know facts about living with food allergies, this is a bundle you simply can’t miss.

Morgan Smith deserves more than praise for his straightforward and intelligent advice – he deserves to be heard. With his intelligent and objective approach to navigating food allergies in his own life, new author Morgan Smith, has made an unprecedented and important choice in his e-book bundle: He illustrates exactly how his multiple food allergies and his safety can be managed. And he writes it all out (from middle school events to college dorm life) without a hint of presumption or indignation. My advice? Buy his books. And moreover, listen carefully to this young man. I suspect he will be contributing to our food allergic community in more ways than we can imagine.

– Susan Weissman, author of Feeding Eden: The Trials and Triumphs of a Food Allergy Family 

You get:

Traveling Tips for Teens with Food Allergies

A thorough guide to help your teen plan ahead, create itineraries, and feel safe while traveling in a group or by themselves.

You’re about to embark on solo travel: traveling across the city, state, or nation without your parents. You might be actually by yourself or you might be in a group – but, no matter what, your parents aren’t going to be there traveling with you. How are you going to prepare? What happens if things don’t go according to plan? What if there is a last minute switch-up? What happens if you have an allergic reaction? This guide is going to help answer many of those questions. Click here to read more about this guide.

The College Survival Guide for Teens with Food Allergies

An e-book dedicated to preparing your child (and you!) for college by discussing how to select the right college, getting food allergy accommodations, living with a roommate, dating, and even dealing with parties. 

College. It’s the big step forward. It’s something your parents have been freaking out about since they found out you have food allergies. College marks when you begin to become truly independent: you’re living without your parents, eating in dining halls or kitchens with your own food, and you have to start to make a lot of your own decisions about the lifestyle you want to lead. Click here to read more about this guide.

Morgan’s Corner Collection: A History of Living with Food Allergies 

A compilation of columns and posts through the years by me about growing up with food allergies, making friends, having 504 plans in K-12, dealing with parents and teachers, traveling, and so much more.

Morgan’s Corner was created in 2005 as a way for parents and children to get a better insight into the day-to-day life of food allergies. It was featured at the end of the AllergicChild.com monthly newsletter and covered a wide variety of topics: school, travel, friends, cooking – really anything! For the first four and a half years, my Mom asked me questions about living with food allergies and I answered them; I then started to write full-length columns detailing the previous month until the end of the monthly newsletters in December 2013. Click here to read more about this guide.

All three e-books are only $15!